What follows are some stories from my life that I like to tell. You will probably notice a recurring theme of me making less-than-intelligent decisions.

Other than my own and those of public figures, all names have been changed. The last thing I want is for someone from my past to be tracked down because I made a dopey website.

The Christian Yost Detective Agency
A collection of stories about growing up, summers in Wyoming, and when I met a basketball legend.

A short tale about sweet buns.

Hey Hay(maker), We’re the Monkees
The story of my curiosity about television sound effects and a lie that went undiscovered for over twenty years.

Mayday! Mayday! It’s May Day!
The story about my first crush and the vase my mother sacrificed in the name of young love.

Two stories about not thinking things through and, well, a lot of rocks.

What Does a Student Council Secretary Even Do?
The story about how running for Student Council in 5th grade ruined my chances at love.

Yes, Christian, There is a Santa Claus
The story about how my parents and grandparents kept the magic of Christmas alive