Task #1

While staying within your homes/apartments, find as many objects that begin with the same letter of your choice. Then take a single picture with all of your same-lettered objects.

Here are the submitted photos:

A Bundle of Beauties

A Bearded Bozo in a Bra

A Cozy Couchful

A Cupboard’s Cornucopia

Demonic Lawn Statue

Disasterly Dinosaur Devastation

Owl-fully Nice

A Portrait of Parenthood

(Apparently, this one initially included slices of pizza, but before the picture could be taken, they were stolen by the family dog.)

A Smorgasbord of Sweet Stuff

Stuffed to the Seams

And now here is your chance to vote for your favorite. I would say that you shouldn’t vote for your own, but as we’ve seen during this pandemic, you can tell people not to do things and they still ultimately just do whatever they want.

So, vote away!