By Shady’s Bluff

One day I walked along a trail,
A trail by Shady’s Bluff
Across the way, I saw a man
Parading in the buff.

He spotted me and chased me down.
I tried to run away.
He asked me to be nude with him.
I knew not what to say.

He said, “Come on, it’s fun. You’ll see.”
I knew not what to do.
He begged and then he begged some more
And then I was naked, too.

Right there we stood, with nothing on.
Two naked guys were we.
Not knowing what next we would do,
Two women we did see.

We walked to them and suddenly,
They then began to run.
“Come on, come back. We mean no harm.
We just got nude for fun.”

One stopped and said, after some thought,
“You know, it’s just for hoots.”
The other shrugged, and they came back
In just their birthday suits.

So there we were, just standing there,
When they gave each other a glance,
They took off right towards my clothes
And stole my shirt and pants.

Before I knew it, all three were gone.
It all was just a fraud.
They planned it out to leave me there,
With just my naked bod.

Along the trail came a policeman
Who got more than just a peek.
He didn’t believe a word I said
And I’m due in court next week.