#74 – Ranch, Tomato, Veggie Bacon, and Avocado in a Wrap


-Veggie bacon
-Roma tomatoes

-Ranch dressing
-Flour tortilla

Christian: Despite not really hating this brand of veggie bacon (MorningStar Farms) when we used it in Sandwich #26, I really wasn’t feeling it in this wrap. It might have just been something else going on with me the day we made it, but the “bacon” here just didn’t taste good.

And yet, the wrap as a whole wasn’t bad. The avocado and ranch were definitely doing the heavy lifting, and they made it pretty good overall. But while eating it, I kept thinking about how much better it would have been with genuine bacon.


Susannah: I didn’t mind this one. Even with the veggie bacon, it wasn’t bad. It tasted fresh and light, but would still fill you up. Yes, of course, it would be better with real bacon, but the fresh tomato and avocado provided flavor and blended with the “fake-on”.

I also feel like this is a great vegetarian option that doesn’t skimp on everything else. The ranch dressing works, not overpowering the ingredients, but instead blending them together. A different sauce might help this one; something smokey or spicy would be interesting.

I suppose if I had a moral change of heart and no longer ate meat, I could live with this alternative.


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