#69 – Pesto and Brie on French Roll


-Brie cheese
-Pesto sauce

-French roll

Christian: I wasn’t expecting much out of this one given its few number of ingredients, but I was pleasantly surprised.

Prior to this one, I cannot remember the last time I had brie. It was probably back when I was 13- or 14-years old, and my dad made a meat and cheese platter for snacking on Christmas Eve. I hadn’t sought it out since, but I liked it here. It had the consistency of the cream cheese I’ve been enjoying on these sandwiches, and not too much funkiness.

And the pesto worked well with it and the bread. It was a nice little bite, albeit not a full sandwich.


Susannah: I was initially a little skeptical that only three ingredients could for a whole sandwich, but it actually worked. I wouldn’t have thought of using pesto as a condiment, but I might have to use it more in the future. Pesto is a very strong flavor, herb-y and garlicky, that I thought would overwhelm or smother the brie, but they worked harmoniously.

Brie is not something I eat very often, so I was a little surprised to find the flavor is like cream cheese, but with a little funk. Overall, I liked it because it was different, but it also fell into the trap of similar bites: Because it’s so simple, is it a sandwich or is it a canapé?


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