#56 – Pickles and Swiss on French Roll with Mayo


-Dill pickle chips
-Swiss cheese slices

-French rolls

Christian: This is going to be a short review. This one had pickles, mayonnaise, and Swiss cheese on a roll.

I love pickles. I love mayo. I have come to tolerate Swiss during this project. I love bread. And this sandwich tasted like all of those things together.

I cannot imagine that I would ever order this at a restaurant, or anywhere outside of my own home for that matter. (Although, I am laughing at the thought of going to visit, say, my wife’s parents and my mother-in-law offers to make me a sandwich. I might tell her that I’d love one with just pickles and mayo just to see her reaction.)

But this one was surprisingly fine for what it was.


Susannah: I don’t want to blaspheme my beloved pickles, but this one was not my favorite. I don’t really get it. When I think of a sandwich, I don’t really think only pickles and Swiss are it. All this sandwich needed was some ham and it would have been heaps better. I can’t imagine I would go to a deli or sandwich shop and order a sandwich with just pickles and Swiss. Even as a vegetarian option, it seems odd. I still love pickles, but I probably wouldn’t make this one again.


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