#53 – Tuna on Buttered Toast


-White bread
-Tuna fish


Christian: Doesn’t the sandwich in that picture look delicious?

No, it doesn’t. And you can completely judge this book by its cover because it wasn’t. Because tuna is awful, especially without a superstar like mayo to elevate it to something somewhat edible.

I ate half of it and gave the rest to Susannah.

Susannah: It’s not the most pretty to look at but there is a homey and homely pleasantness in its simplicity. I think I’ve mentioned before I’m a fan of tuna, tuna salad in particular, so I did not share the same apprehensions as my spouse. However, this is not tuna salad, but plain ol’ straight out of the can tuna bits on toast. It’s plain, could hardly even be mentioned in the same breath as most of these sandwiches, but I found myself enjoying it nonetheless. In fact, I even finished Christian’s piece as well after he refused to choke down anymore. That being said, I don’t think I would pay money for this. It is more of a meal you would slap together out of quarantine desperation, raiding the pantry for ingredients. There are better tuna options on the list that surpass #53; it’s kind of the plain jane of the bunch. This sandwich, or facsimile or a sandwich, is fine, nothing spectacular or memorable, but does tap into a certain place of nostalgia.


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