#49 – Thin-Sliced Roast Beef, Steak Sauce, Cheddar, and Onions on Rye


-Thin-sliced roast beef
-Steak sauce
-Cheddar cheese

-White onions
-Pumpernickel rye bread

Christian: I’ll admit that I am not the best reviewer of foods. I don’t have the culinary vocabulary to adequately describe the sandwiches we have made and eaten for this project. To make up for this failing, I’ve tried to fill this space with some funny stories about how the sandwiches came together or about my life or whatever else so that it’s not just a review like, “This sandwich tasted fine.”

The most difficult reviews have been those where the sandwiches have like four straightforward ingredients that taste exactly like you know they will.

This was one of those sandwiches.

So to make it look like I’m actually saying something here, here comes another story…

I eat my steaks (preferably ribeyes) medium-rare. Occasionally, I’ll top them with some sauteed mushrooms. All of this is to say that I let my steaks provide their own flavor, and I don’t resort to using steak sauce. That’s not to say that I don’t like it, nor do I begrudge those who use it. It’s just not something I normally use.

I do, however, think very poorly of those who order their steaks well-done and then drown them in ketchup. One of my brothers once went on a date where he took a young lady to a fancy steak restaurant. According to him, she ordered a steak well-done and still sent it back multiple time because it wasn’t cooked enough. And when she finally got back her burnt brick of beef, she asked for some Heinz 57. I don’t know how he didn’t just get up and leave after that.

Anyway, this sandwich tasted fine.


Susannah: At least this was a sandwich that doesn’t have any funky ingredients or pseudo-meat, and actually eats like a sandwich. The flavors all make sense, the roast beef tastes even more hearty with the steak sauce, the cheddar cheese gives a nice baseline, and the onions add a much-needed texture and crunch. Maybe I’m a little jaded after so many sandwiches, but as I was eating this one, I just kept thinking, “It’s fine.” It’s a fine sandwich, nothing groundbreaking, but it was far from bad. It was filling and ate better than other “sandwiches” we’ve done.


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