#48 – Chopped Lettuce, Chopped Ham, Chopped Turkey, Chopped Avocado, Blue Cheese Dressing, and Chopped Tomatoes in a Wrap


-Chopped deli ham
-Chopped deli turkey breast
-Chopped avocado
-Chopped iceberg lettuce

-Chopped cherry tomatoes
-Blue cheese dressing

Christian: It might have been the quality of the ingredients, although we just bought them. It might have been that my taste buds were just having an off-day, although I’m pretty sure that’s not a thing. It might have been that I just discovered that I really don’t like bleu fromage dressing, although… no, I think that might have been it.

Whatever it was, I surprisingly didn’t like this one. And it seriously might have been because of the dressing. Maybe, despite knowing that we were not using ranch dressing, my brain was still expecting it taste-wise, and when it wasn’t in the wrap, my mouth and then my brain rejected it.

Anyway, this wrap containing chopped turkey, chopped ham, chopped lettuce, chopped tomato, and chopped avocado needs to be put on some type of surface, maybe even a metaphorical one, that exists to hold something before it is eliminated. But what should we call such a surface?

I’ve got it: the crappy blue cheese dressing block.

(Nailed it.)


Susannah: This one sounds like a take on a chef’s salad just wrapped up, unfortunately the final product does not stack up. I am not a fan of bleu cheese dressing to begin with, and would have much preferred a different dressing. However, that wasn’t the main problem with this wrap. It sounds like it would be good, something you can make or buy just about anywhere, but somehow it becomes a soupy, mush mess. We tried to use everything fresh, deli meats and veggies, yet each bite felt watery and bland. They all seemed to cancel each other out, and I think the dressing was actually the final death knell. It needed some punch, a little spiciness or potato chips. It has the building blocks, but might need some serious reconstruction.


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