#43 – Chicken, Melted Swiss, Ham, and Dijon on Ciabatta


-Sliced chicken breast
-Sliced ham
-Swiss cheese

-Dijon mustard
-Thin-sliced ciabatta

Christian: Here was another one where I was a little cautious beforehand because of some of the ingredients, but was then surprised with how much I liked it.

If I had to rank my favorites types of mustards, it would probably go: spicy brown, yellow, honey, Colonel, then Dijon.. I mean, I liked those old Grey Poupon commercials as much as any kid in the ’80s, but not so much the taste of the actual product.

If I had to rank my favorites types of cheeses, Swiss would also be near the bottom. Maybe because it’s too nutty, I don’t know. But regardless, I’m not a huge fan.

So, I was pleasantly caught off guard with how I liked how they tasted together with some ham and chicken.

I’d eat this one again.


Susannah: Oh, hello. This one seems to be speaking my language. Deli meats, deli cheese, Dijon mustard, and we fixed our ciabatta problem. Thin slices. I feel like I’m getting my money’s worth with this sandwich. It’s soft, it’s gooey, it’s tangy, and it’s crunchy. If Patricia offered a soup and sandwich, or salad and sandwich deal, I would be ordering this one all the time. It was vaguely reminiscent of a chicken cordon bleu, which I suppose that was why it made a satisfying dinner.

In case you couldn’t tell, I liked it.


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