#42 – Cream Cheese, Sriracha, Turkey, and Onions on a French Roll


-Sliced turkey breast
-Cream cheese

-White onions
-French dinner rolls

Christian: Sorry about the picture on this one; it tasted better than it looks up there. And yes, that’s sriracha, not blood. Or is it…?

This was another one that tasted like what you’d imagine a sandwich containing all of these ingredients would. In other words, no ingredient(s) seemed to elevate this one to being more than a sum of its parts.

I will say, though, that one thing I have learned from this endeavor is that I really like cream cheese on sandwiches. I will have to explore the use of it more going forward.


Susannah: Welcome to Spicy Town, Part 3. Although, the spice on this one was pretty well-tempered by the cream cheese. And this is why I need to write my reviews right away because now I don’t remember much about this sandwich. It has all the familiar players, the familiar sensations, but the only thing remarkable about it was the sriracha. I’m not usually a huge fan of anything spicy, but in this case, it at least added a little punch, in some bites more than others.


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