#40 – Chicken, Sriracha, Onion, and Wonton Crisps in a Wrap


-Fajita chicken
-Wonton crisps

-Chopped white onion
-Flour tortilla

Christian: As I have mentioned before, I love buffalo chicken wraps. Turns out, I like buffalo wing sauce about as much as I dislike sriracha. And it’s not just the heat, it’s more the overall flavor. So, as you could expect, I didn’t particularly like this one.

But here’s how dumb I am. I looked at the ingredients of this wrap and thought it was going to be a little dry without a standard chicken wrap condiment like ranch or blue cheese dressing. Therefore, my idiot self decided to bring the bottle of sriracha over to the couch with me to add a little more sauce to each bite. And then three things happened:

1) I managed to squirt sriracha on the couch.
2) I had the thought, “Oh right, I really don’t like the taste of this.”
3) I couldn’t enjoy the rest of the wrap because the heat was unpleasant.

Basically, I’m probably more at fault for the way this one turned out than the wrap itself, but I still wouldn’t try it again.


Susannah: Chicken: good. Onions: good. Wonton crisps: good. A little sriracha: good. Much like Joey Tribbiani eating Rachel’s trifle, I saw no issue with this wrap. It had good texture, good flavor, and filled me up. I do have to admit that I took a gentle approach with the sriracha, maybe even too soft. I like the flavor, but it packs a punch.

Overall, it was hearty without feeling like I was eating a meat tornado. I like a good texture contrast, so I enjoyed the inclusion of both the wonton crisps and the onions.


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