#37 – Avocado and Cream Cheese with Salt and Pepper on Salt Bagel


-Cream cheese
-Egg bagel

-Cooking spray

Christian: Bagel sandwiches are now 0-2. And again, we are probably the reason why. So, basically, we couldn’t find a “salt bagel” anywhere. And let me tell you, we looked everywhere. Okay, we really only looked at our regular grocery store’s bakery, but we still couldn’t find any there and I was too disinterested to go anywhere else.

Our solution was to just get a plain bagel and put some salt on it. And I’m not going to say who applied the salt to the bagels, but this mystery person put a little too much. So much that I couldn’t taste anything but salt. I actually couldn’t eat the whole thing it was too salty.

I eventually separated the bagel halves and just picked off the avocado slices. They were tasty. But the whole thing together? Not good. At all.

And I’m still a little salty after the whole thing. That’s not a pun; my doctor wants me to come back in a few weeks because of my elevated sodium levels…


Susannah: I wanted to love this one so bad. Everything about it taps into my taste preferences and it sounds so appealing. Unfortunately it was a complete assault on the tongue – so much salt. Granted, we couldn’t find salt bagels (I’m not even sure that’s a thing) we had to improvise with regular bagels, adding salt almost as a garnish. Pair that with the salt and pepper added to the avocado and all you could taste was overwhelming salt. The avocado was totally lost, the cream cheese couldn’t temper the saltiness, you can’t stand to take more than a couple bites. I think this one is redeemable though. You could probably chalk up some of the over saltiness to our being a little heavy-handed. If I were to recreate this one, be very gentle with the spices and let the avocado take center stage.


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