#34 – Veggie Ham, American Cheese, Lettuce, Tomato and Mayo on Toast


-Celebration Roast
-Iceberg lettuce

-American cheese slices
-White bread

Christian: Based on the picture above, do you think a “Celebration Roast” qualifies as “veggie ham” or not? I honestly don’t know, but based on the look of the “roast”, it was the closest we could get. Taste-wise, it didn’t really remind me of ham, but strangely enough, it did taste like celebration.

Okay, not really. It had a unique flavor that I couldn’t quite place, and wouldn’t necessarily seek out again.

Like the last sandwich that called for toast, we again did it two ways: in the toaster, and buttered and pan-fried. We also tried the “ham” cold and pan-fried. The best combination turned out to be the pan-fried Celebration Roast on the toaster-toasted bread. And even with that one, it still wasn’t great.

I didn’t have high hopes for this one, and was still left disappointed.


(P.S.: After eating it, I mistakenly thought it was called a Celebration Loaf instead of a Celebration Roast. I got so excited about the sophomoric review I would write here about other times I had a celebration loaf. And then I re-checked the picture, and was disappointed yet again.)

Susannah: I have never had so many meat alternatives in my life. Thanks, Patricia. (I think.) Truth be told, they are definitely hit and miss. For instance, I will be happy if I never meet another veggie bacon. This time it was veggie ham. Can I just say how difficult it is to find meat alternatives in a normal grocery store. It’s like we live in the middle of beef-loving USA

Anyway, this “ham” had a unique flavor to it. It was very heavily flavored, but also had a texture that didn’t totally resemble ham. I can’t quite put my finger on it. Pro tip, though: heat it up. The American cheese, lettuce, and tomato make the sandwich complete, but they’re not exactly groundbreaking. I will say the choice of toast was wise, helping with another texture.


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