#32 – Ham, Cheddar, Hot Mayo, Hot Cheeto Crumbles on Rye


-Sliced honey ham
-Cheddar cheese slices
-Hot Cheetos
-Rye pumpernickel bread

Hot Mayo
-Mild wing sauce

Christian: I’ve mentioned previously that despite generally liking the taste, I don’t do well with spicy things. So, when we drew this one with Hot Mayo and Spicy Cheeto crumbles, I didn’t know what to expect. Turns out, it was okay, but definitely got me sweating.

If there is an actual product called Hot Mayo, we didn’t seek it out. Instead, we made our own with mayonnaise and sriracha. When that particular combination just tasted like mayo, we added more sriracha and then some wing sauce. After that, it finally tasted like a spicy mayo (albeit a kinda runny one). But it was really the Hot Cheetos that provided the heat.

I don’t know if I’ll ever eat Hot Cheetos again in any capacity, I did like the idea of really crunchy chips like them on a sandwich, though. I’ll definitely do that again. The rye was good, if a little plain (for a rye), and the ham and cheese were just ham and cheese.

Overall, some decent things here, but I’d prefer a sandwich that didn’t also pack such an unwanted spicy punch.


Susannah: Welcome to the Spicy Zone. Two spicy elements in an otherwise unmemorable sandwich. But did they add anything? First, we concocted our own “Hot Mayo” with some sriracha and mayonnaise, plus a little buffalo wing sauce. Then we added the Hot Cheetos.

Beyond the fiery elements, this was the most run-of-the-mill sandwich ever conceived. Although the Cheetos added a crunch that turned the sandwich from drab to mediocre, I don’t really like spicy food. I personally think Patricia was trying to clear our her inventory, was stuck with leftover ham, cheddar, and rye, and then tried to spice things up (pun intended.) No, thank you.


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