#31 – Chicken, Peppers and Olive Oil on French Bread


-Sliced chicken breast
-Red bell peppers
-Orange bell peppers

-Olive oil
-French bread

Christian: Another one that was just what you would expect given the ingredients. The main question we had before making this one was the type of chicken we were going to use. We considered using fajita chicken again, but deli meat was on sale, so we went with a thin-sliced chicken breast. It was even labeled as being “blackened”, but it didn’t taste any different from standard roasted chicken deli slices.

(I’d bet you were on the edge of your seat reading that incredible tale…)

So, yeah, it was a chicken, bell pepper, and olive oil sandwich on French bread. Just using the olive oil kinda made me want some of my normal condiment go-to: mayo. But even without mayo, this one was fine.


Susannah: I feel like this is a very health conscious option, apart from the bread. Chicken breast, fresh veggies, olive oil over mayo; it’s pretty plain. It’s not bad or unappetizing, but I don’t think even on a good day I would order this one based on other options available. Sometimes I wonder if Patricia was just set on the number 77 and even if she didn’t have the full list she just figured a few variations would still count. This sandwich looks suspiciously like a few others on the list.


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