#30 – Pepperoni, Mozzarella, Marinara, and Meatballs on French Roll


-Ground beef
-Sweet Italian sausage
-Panko bread crumbs
-Onion powder
-Worcestershire sauce
-Italian seasoning

-Crushed tomatoes
-Tomato sauce
-Chopped onion
-Italian seasoning

-Sandwich size pepperoni
-French rolls

Christian: Since this one was basically a meatball sub with pepperoni, I just wanted to see if the extra meat added anything to something I already love.

But before I get to that, a couple of things. First, we decided to make our own meatballs and marinara, instead of buying them pre-made. Second, we assembled the sandwiches’ ingredients essentially in the order of the sandwich’s name: pepperoni, then cheese, followed by marinara, then meatballs.

On the first try with only one layer of pepperoni, I couldn’t really taste it among the other flavors. I still devoured the sandwich, however, before making another one with more pepperoni. On sandwich #2, I could finally make out the pepperoni. And while I cannot say it transformed the meatball sub into something even more magical, it didn’t diminish it, either.

Meatball subs are great.


Susannah: So. Much. Meat.I suppose after my complaint of the last sandwich, this one brought he meat in a big way. I don’t think this one could be more opposite of Sandwich #13. That being said, this one was pretty tasty and very filling. I tried channeling my inner Joey Tribbiani and embraced the meatballs, but after a sandwich and a half, I was stuffed. The meatballs, a mix of ground beef and Italian sausage (and made by yours truly), were quite good. However, you could hardly taste the pepperoni, even after we added extra slices. It didn’t add enough to the sandwich to make a difference, and that was kind of disappointing. All in all, it was a meatball sub: a classic.


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