#28 – Veggie Chik’n, Barbecue Sauce, Melted Cheddar on Pretzel Bread


-Quorn meatless, soy-free Chik’n patties
-Sliced cheddar cheese

-Barbecue Sauce
-Pretzel roll

Christian: I think Susannah figured out how to use pretzel bread: gut it. With some of our previous sandwiches using pretzel bread/rolls (#’s 2, 25 and 58,) I mentioned how I thought the bread was too chewy and gummy. This sandwich worked much better, I think, because Susannah took out some of the bread inside the roll to make a little seat for the fake chicken patty.

Speaking of the chik’n, I continue to be impressed with how much a fermented fungus (see Sandwich #10) can taste like a real (albeit frozen) breaded chicken patty. While cheddar is not my favorite of cheeses, I liked it here with the barbecue sauce. And with the pretzel bread situation dealt with here, this was a good, albeit not super exciting, chicken sandwich.


Susannah: Unfortunately this is another case the over mush. It sounds good, all the the ingredients should fit but somehow it just becomes one big cloggy bite. I am beginning to believe pretzel is not a good vehicle for a sandwich even after we performed some elective surgery and removed half of the innards of the bread. The contents were fine, chicken and BBQ can rarely go amiss and the cheese was just icing on the cake. I am opening my horizons when it comes to meat alternatives, it’s really more a matter of finding reliable products. In this case we found a good chicken substitute and passes perfectly for the real thing. It’s a hearty sandwich and I would probably make again, maybe with a few adjustments.


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