#26 – Swiss, Veggie Bacon, Herb Mix, and Hummus on Toast


-Swiss cheese
-MorningStar Farms veggie bacon
-Pine nut hummus
-White bread

Herb Mix
-Italian parsley

Christian: After I enjoyed a sandwich without traditional condiments, here comes another one. And it was not nearly as successful.

I don’t intend to use hummus as the sole condiment again. And maybe there’s an herb mix that is good on sandwiches, but what we got for this one didn’t work. It was like eating a veggie bacon and Swiss sandwich while mowing the lawn.

Speaking of the veggie bacon, we tried a different one (MorningStar Farms) and it actually had a bacon-y flavor. This alone made it a huge improvement over what we used on previous sandwiches. It’s still nothing compared to genuine bacon, but better than that other nonsense.

Overall, this one wasn’t awful, but it was completely unnecessary and will not be made again.


Susannah: Nope, just all around. This was the most disappointing and dare I say it, disgusting sandwich we’ve made thus far. I took one bite and knew this whole thing was a mistake.

First, I’m overwhelmed by the herbs, then get hit by the Swiss, and finally I’m repelled by the hummus on a dry piece of toast. Ironically, the only thing I sort of enjoyed about the sandwich was the veggie bacon. We tried a new brand and that was a huge step up.

I was also surprised how much I disliked this sandwich because I like hummus, but somehow on this iteration, it turned into an unpleasant glop. I honestly couldn’t even finish this sandwich. I ate the first half because I’m committed to this adventure, but I had to put my foot down. Patricia, I implore you to seriously reconsider this addition to the menu.

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