#23 – Meatball Slices, Goat Cheese, Basil, and Red Pepper on Ciabatta


-Sweet Italian sausage
-Ground beef
-Bread crumbs
-Worcestershire sauce
-Italian seasoning
-Onion powder

-Goat cheese
-Fresh basil
-Red bell pepper
-Rustic ciabatta bread

Christian: We kept waiting on pre-made frozen meatballs to go on sale at the grocery store, and when they didn’t, we just decided to make our own. And it seemed to work in our favor because this sandwich was great.

I didn’t know what to expect when it came to the goat cheese, but I really liked it here. It basically came across as a cream cheese, which, as I have already noted in previous reviews, I am really liking on these sandwiches. The bell pepper added a nice crunch, and the fresh basil didn’t overwhelm the other flavors. And the ciabatta was soft and warm.

This was a really good one.


Susannah: Do you remember a few reviews ago when I accused Patricia of being a lettuce elitist? She would use spring mix herbs or things like basil when romaine would work just fine. Well, this time she may have gotten it right. This sandwich was a delightful, harmonious blend of flavors and textures all around. I was worried the goat cheese would be a little funky, but really it resembled a soft cream cheese. Also, why don’t I order meatball slices on sandwiches? Why aren’t more people doing this? I do have to put in our personal plug that we made the meatballs from scratch, so maybe that helped. Just kidding. But seriously, you should try this sandwich.


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