#21 – Dill Cream Cheese, Tomatoes, Red Onion, Capers on a Bagel


Dill cream cheese
-Roma tomatoes
-Sliced red onion

-Poppy seed bagel

Christian: After 36 previous sandwiches, we finally arrived at our first bagel sandwich. And maybe I was expecting too much, but this one was a little disappointing.

We didn’t make this one when we first bought the bagels, and instead of going to get some fresh ones, we just plowed ahead. Probably wasn’t the best idea. They were chewy and managed to overwhelm the other flavors. Between the old, gummy bagel and the dill cream cheese, you couldn’t really taste anything else.

This one was a letdown, but I think it was almost entirely our fault. And since I shouldn’t be using this forum to throw my wife under the bus, I will instead say that this one was entirely my fault. No one else’s. I hope you haven’t lost complete faith in me, and ask that you please respect my privacy in this moment as I go sit in the corner to think about how I let everyone down, especially myself.

I’m sorry.


Susannah: I wanted to like this one, our first bagel sandwich, but I think we kind of botched it.By the time we were ready to make this one, our bagels had already begun to mold, so we had to salvage what we could. Even so, this one still didn’t come together flavor-wise. I assume this one was kind of a play on bagels and lox, however this iteration was flat. This is even more surprising with the red onions and capers because we could hardly distinguish them. Maybe with a little tweaking this one could be salvaged, but I won’t be revisiting it soon.


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