#20 – Avocado, Swiss with Basil, and Mayo on a Pepper Roll


-Swiss cheese slices

-Fresh basil
-Dinner rolls
-Cracked pepper

Christian: I don’t know if this one was a sandwich as much as an hors d’oeuvre. If someone was walking around a party with one of these on a tray with a frilly napkin: great; as a sandwich at a restaurant that was vigilant against bread pervs: not so much.

I like avocado. I like mayo. I like Rhodes rolls. I’ve discovered that I’m not a huge fan of fresh basil, at least not on sandwiches. But this wasn’t a real sandwich.


(Looking at the list of all 77 sandwiches, it appears that Sandwich #36 is this same sandwich, except on a “cracked pepper roll” instead of just a “pepper roll.” When we pull that number, we might try to do it differently to see if we can make it more of a sandwich. Or we’ll just link back to this review.)

Susannah: We have to clarify up front that we couldn’t find “pepper rolls” in the store, so we concocted our own that may not have been perfect. I was not excited with the first bite. I got a big mouthful of basil that was floral and herb-y and overwhelming. But then I hit the avocado and I was relieved. Avocado makes everything better. I was afraid the Swiss might be a weird combo, but it worked with the basil. However, I don’t know how closely this resembled a sandwich versus a tea sandwich or an hors d’oeuvre. It felt a little dainty and not hardy enough for a meal. Also, where’s the meat?


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