#18 – Turkey, Pepper Jack, Cracked Tortilla Strips, Avocado, Hot Mayo, Wrapped


-Cracked black pepper turkey breast slices
-Shredded pepper jack cheese
-Tortilla strips

-Sliced avocado
Hot Mayo
-Flour tortilla

Christian: I once watched a morning talk show where the hosts were going to do an apple taste test. They had like ten varieties of apples in front of them, and they were going to go down the line, eating and rating the apples on a scale from 1-10. One of the hosts took a bite of the first apple, a Fuji, and instantly gave it a perfect score of 10. The other hosts questioned how he could immediately name that particular apple as the best, when he still had nine other apples to taste. Maybe he should leave a little room in case an even better apple was still on the table. Nope, the Fuji was already the winner.

So, what does a story about Matt Lauer’s inability to think about how impulsive decisions might lead to disastrous future consequences have to do with the wrap I’m supposed to be reviewing? Well, unlike him, I’m not ready to crown this one as champion right now, despite it being the best one I’ve eaten so far.

We haven’t made too many wraps, but this was the most complete one yet. The turkey as a meat, the Hot Mayo as a condiment, the pepper jack as a cheese, the avocado as an additional protein, and the tortilla strips as a nice crunch. Everything worked together and everything tasted great.

There’s not much more to say about this one, other than I will be making this one long after we’re done with these 77 sandwiches.

In closing, there are many things that a certain morning show host (allegedly) did that I will never do. And one of them is prematurely declaring a winner when we still have plenty more to go.

But this one, so far, is my favorite.


Susannah: Welcome to the Spicy Zone, Part Deux. But this time, the sequel is better than the original. The hot or spicy elements this time around made perfect sense and contributed to the overall taste and texture. In all honesty, this wrap is one of the best things we have eaten so far. The turkey was a great starting point, and the pepper jack brought a hint of heat, but also creaminess. The avocado soothed some of the spice and provided freshness, while the tortilla strips gave a crispy crunch. In certain bites, you couldn’t really taste the Hot Mayo, and with others it slapped your taste buds. but not enough to make it unpleasant.

If I was a regular at Patricia’s, this would probably be my go-to.


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