#16 – Chicken, Buffalo Sauce, Blue Cheese Dressing, Potato Chips, Wrapped


-Chicken fajita meat
-Mild buffalo wings sauce
-Large burrito-sized flour tortillas

-Chunky blue cheese dressing
-Classic Lays potato chips
-Ruffles potato chips

Christian: I have two confessions to make: 1) I start to sweat whenever I eat anything remotely spicy, and 2) I love buffalo chicken wraps.

To be more forthcoming, I love basically anything involving chicken and hot/wing sauce, despite the fact that I can’t really handle much spice. I never seem to get tired of them, so I was excited for this one.

The first thing we had to do was decide how we were going to do the chicken. With the previous sandwiches that had chicken in them, we just used deli-sliced chicken breast. We didn’t want to use that in this one, but we also didn’t want to make our own crispy chicken tenders. Susannah suggested that we just use some pre-cooked frozen chicken fajita meat available in our neighborhood grocer’s freezer. And that worked really well.

We just fried up the meat, placed in the middle of the burrito-sized flour tortilla, generously applied the blue cheese dressing and wing sauce (mild, ‘ cause of my sweats), and then added a handful of both regular and ridged potato chips.

Overall, it was good. Being a regular consumer of buffalo chicken wraps (did I mention that?), I couldn’t help but compare it to others I had eaten. Using the potato chips added some needed crunch, but I missed the shredded cheese and vegetables (lettuce, tomato, avocado) that I am used to.

I’d eat it again because of what it is, but it can be so much more.


Susannah: Finally we get to add a wrap to our repertoire This one was a pleasant change from the faux bacon and packed a punch. We fried up some fajita chicken meat, and it worked well as a shortcut. I wasn’t sure how the potato chips were going to work. Would it be too.salty? Too much? They did tear the tortilla a little when we tried to wrap it all up, but the added some needed texture. I don’t love super spicy, so I went light on the Buffalo sauce and generous on the blue cheese dressing. It was delicious, hearty, ate like a meal, and one I would revisit.

Truth be told, on my second attempt, I added some avocado and it was even better. I think Patricia was onto something great here, but to make it top notch: add some veggies.


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