#14 – Swiss, Salami, Garlic Aïoli, Tomatoes, Onions on Toast


-Toasted Artesano bread
-Roma tomatoes
-White onion
-Salame Milano
-Salame Calabrese
-Salame Toscano

Garlic Aïoli
-Olive Oil
-Lemon juice
-Kosher salt

Christian: Before this sandwich, I don’t think I could have told you how many different types of salami there are. I still can’t, but now I know there are at least three: Milano, Calabrese, and Toscano. Are there more? Probably. How are they different from the three we included in this sandwich? No clue. Will I ever get around to talking about the sandwich? I guess.

I really liked this one. I talked Susannah into using thicker white bread to serve as our toast, and while I don’t know if she was glad we made this choice, I was. I just didn’t want to use regular white bread. The salami (did you know there are at least three different kinds of this delicious meat?!) was great, the homemade aïoli worked well, and the tomato was enough to overcome the Swiss and onions (two flavors I don’t love.)

I’d definitely make this one again.

★★★ ½

Susannah: This sounded like a new and exciting combination and the makings of an Italian sub, but I was thrown for a loop with the toast. We opted for a bigger slice of bread, almost Texas-Toast-like and I don’t know if it was a help or a hindrance. I don’t know.

This one didn’t blow me away. Some bites were good. I like the fresh onion and tomato, and salami is always good. The Swiss was overpowered by all these big flavors, but I can’t say I was heartbroken about that.

The more I think about it, maybe I was hoping for a full-blown Italian sub and this just didn’t tick all the boxes.


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