#10 – Veggie Chicken, Barbecue Sauce, Cheddar, Onions on Ciabatta


-Quorn meatless, soy-free Chik’n patties
-Stubb’s Original Bar-B-Q sauce
-Mild cheddar cheese slices

-White onion
-Rustic Ciabatta bread

Christian: After the nonsense of the veggie bacon, I wasn’t too excited to try another veggie “meat” substitute. Still, we headed to the store to look for some veggie chicken and the only thing we could find were meatless chik’n patties from a company named Quorn. Looking at the ingredients list on the box, the main ingredient in these patties is mycoprotein, a fermented, thread-like fungus. So, not exactly veggie, and not exactly the most appealing.

To our surprise, they looked like breaded chicken patties when we took them out of the box. And as an even bigger surprise, they tasted like them, too. We were amazed that we weren’t eating actual chicken. Sure, we found some articles about how back in 2011, a consumer group wanted the FDA to declare mycoprotein as unsafe following complaints of: vomiting, diarrhea, fainting, bloody stool, hives, and potentially fatal anaphylactic reactions. But hey, that was 8 years ago and we were fine, so…

We also used a new BBQ sauce: Stubb’s. It was thinner and more vinegar-y than the sauces we normally use; it was okay. I’m also not a huge fan of raw white onions, but everything together was good. Surprisingly good.

I don’t know if I’ll go this route in the future instead of regular breaded chicken patties, but it’s good to know there is another viable option.


Susannah: The first words out of my mouth were, “I don’t hate it.” In fact, I almost couldn’t believe how much I didn’t hate it. Every expectation went out the window. I don’t know what magic this company conjured up, but this tasted like real chicken. Even as I cut my sandwich to get the cross section, it looked like the real deal. So I put my preconceived notions aside and happily consumed the whole thing. We tried a new BBQ sauce that was a little punchy with the vinegar and black pepper, but it worked well with the onions. Somehow I imagine if we recreated this with a different veggie chicken, the results wouldn’t be as good. But as it was, it was very good.


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