#7 – Tuna Salad, Pickles, Spring Mix on French Roll


Tuna Salad
-Canned tuna
-Red onions
-Sweet relish
-Spicy mustard
-Lemon juice

-Oval-cut dill pickles
-Organic baby spring mix
-French dinner rolls

Christian: I have been on plenty of food blogs that basically force you to scroll past the author’s entire life story before getting to the actual recipe. I hate those blogs and have no intention of doing that with this project. We’ll put the ingredients and pictures at the top and all of my life’s stories will be located elsewhere on the site.

All that being said, I will now do what I hate elsewhere and include a little bit about my childhood. And the only reason I’m doing this is because it ultimately affected my rating.

As a child I was allergic to fish. Unusually, shellfish was okay, but every other type of fish that I tried caused me to break out in hives and throw up. So, I stopped eating fish in elementary school. Twenty or so years later, I had an allergy test done and was told that while I was no longer allergic to fish, I had somehow grown into a peanut allergy. My body is just weird like that.

Afterward, I reluctantly tried fish again and the test was correct. I was no longer allergic to fish (or at least the ones I tried.) The only fish I never ate again was tuna because I hated it most of all as a child. We didn’t have much fish around the house after my initial allergy was discovered, but my mom occasionally made tuna fish sandwiches. And the horrible smell of canned tuna reminded me of my time as a child kneeling in front of the toilet covered in hives.

I was really excited to start this project, so of course that excitement was immediately dampened when this was the first sandwich pulled. I wasn’t looking forward to it, and I still wasn’t entirely sure if I would be in the clear allergy-wise.

I am now apparently safe to eat tuna again, because there were no hives and no vomiting. This project got me to eat it for the first time in thirty years, and absence definitely didn’t make the heart grow fonder. I still don’t like it. At all. This sandwich’s rating was doomed before I even took a bite. The pickles were good and I liked the rolls, but I don’t think canned tuna will ever be palatable to me.

★★ (out of 5)

Susannah: I was already looking forward to this one because I was very familiar with the key ingredients, it’s like a flash from my past with countless school lunches. The sandwich is nothing elaborate, I mean it’s tuna salad, but the pickle slices and baby greens elevate it above something I would have eaten as an eight year old, or last week. The French roll was also a classy touch. I happily ate it and would happily eat it again. Since this is the first sandwich, I don’t want to set the bar too high but I am excited for 76 more.

★★★★ (out of 5)

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