#5 – Salami, Pepperoni, Provolone, Olive Oil, Peppers on Ciabatta


-Provolone cheese

-Olive oil
-Red bell peppers
-Rustic ciabatta bread

Christian: I was a little concerned before making this one due to its lack of any traditional condiments. But ultimately I had no real reason to worry because it had pepperoni, salami, and provolone. Those just work together.

The red bell peppers provided another texture, although I had some difficulty keeping them on the sandwich. I told Susannah about my issues and decided that that “Peppers Akimbo” would make a great name for a band. Or even a sexy international assassin.

But enough about my idea for a comic book, this sandwich was good.


Susannah: I can never say no to salami and this sandwich was a blissful little bite. Soft ciabatta bread, crunchy bell peppers, spicy pepperoni, smooth provolone, and peppery salami can’t be wrong. The sandwich had the perfect balance of textures, soft and crunchy, savory and sweet. The bell peppers were a necessary layer to keep the sandwich from being a little mushy, and the olive oil was actually just enough of a condiment to add flavor, but not overpower the other ingredients. This is the kind of sandwich you could eat several pieces of and not even notice. It’s different from your typical Italian sub, but still satisfying, and one I would order again, if any of this was real.


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