#4 – Ham, Turkey, Three Kinds of Cheese, Pickles, Tomatoes, Garlic Aïoli, Herbs on a French Roll


-Black Forest ham slices
-Turkey slices
-Havarti cheese slices
-Pepper Jack cheese slices
-White cheddar cheese slices
-French dinner rolls

-Roma tomatoes
-Dill pickles chips
-Garlic aïoli from Sandwich #14

Christian: We had to use our discretion in the creation of this one. “Three cheeses.” “Herbs.” It’s was like your high school teacher gives you a writing assignment, but then tells you it can be about anything you want. I always did better when I got a little more direction because when it could be about whatever I wanted, it was tough to settle on anything.

This sandwich’s cheese situation also reminded me about a joke from my favorite stand-up comedian of all-time: Mitch Hedberg. I won’t be able to do it justice here, but he had a joke about ordering a pastrami sandwich at a New York deli. When asked what kind of bread he wanted for the sandwich, he asked for banana. And when asked about cheese, he said he wanted cottage. I asked Susannah if she wanted cottage cheese as one of the three cheeses in this sandwich, and her angry stare told me she was all for it.

No, instead we went with Havarti, White Cheddar, and Pepper Jack. No real reason why other than my wife apparently wouldn’t appreciate my suggested triple combination of Easy Cheese, Cream Cheese, and Head Cheese.

As for the “herbs”, we chopped up some parsley, rosemary, and thyme, and we added them to our previously made garlic aïoli. Again, without more explicit instructions, we had to improvise with undetermined results.

All in all, I liked all of the ingredients in this one, including returning to the French rolls from Sandwich #7, but none of them really became anything better all together.


Susannah: As we were putting this one together, I couldn’t help but think it a felt a little Dagwood-like, with all of the meats and cheeses. This also made it a bit hard to eat as everything kept mushing out. That being said, it was still tasty. We took kind of a shortcut with the herbs by adding them to the garlic aïoli, so I don’t know how it would have impacted the sandwich had we left them on their own. Sometimes with these reviews, I don’t write them down immediately after tasting, like today. And now I realize I am having a bit of a blank trying to recall anything about this sandwich, which I suppose is a review in and of itself. It was fine. I would probably pick it again, but it was nothing remarkable.


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