#2 – Turkey, Cheddar, and Yellow Mustard on Pretzel Bread


-Deli-sliced turkey
-Cheddar cheese slices

-Yellow mustard
-Pretzel rolls

Christian: This one tasted like a sandwich you got on an elementary school field trip. You eat it at the picnic table in the grassy area outside the museum with a bag of chips and a Capri Sun. And then the wind blows your napkin away, so you chase after it. Eventually you catch it under your foot, pick it up, and turn around to see that Charlie took your seat. You notice your sandwich still there and you’re okay not going back to eat the rest of it. And then you go sit on the bus and wait to go back to school.

Yeah, it tasted like that.


Susannah: This sandwich was an unfortunate misfire. I think in theory and even on paper it didn’t sound wrong, but somehow it was just a big mouthful of disappointment. The pretzel bun was too dense and chewy, the cheddar made it dry and stodgy, and pardon the pun, the mustard couldn’t cut the mustard. I feel like maybe if there were some different ingredients or veggies, it could have lifted the sandwich up, but this rendition was just a little blah. We both said it reminded us a bit of a picnic smorgasbord and the ingredients were kind of slapped together.


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