77 Sandwiches

One of the television shows my wife Susannah and I like to watch is Bob’s Burgers. In the episode “Roamin’ Bob-iday”, Bob, who has his own burger restaurant, ends up working on his off day at a separate sandwich restaurant called Patricia’s 77 Sandwiches. (As you could probably guess, Patricia’s 77 Sandwiches is a restaurant owned and operated by a woman named Patricia, and in it she serves 77 sandwiches.)

One night I was searching to see if the show’s creator was on any social media platforms and while on Loren Bouchard’s Twitter feed, I found that another of the show’s fans took the time to create the following image detailing all of Patricia’s 77 sandwiches:

Image by @Inurooshi

Seeing them all together in one place, my wife and I decided that we’d make all 77 of the sandwiches and document the process.

We decided we didn’t want to just start at the beginning and go in order, nor just pick and choose because we’d select the ones that sounded best at the beginning and be left with everything else at the end.

So, instead we decided to just pick them at random. We printed off numbers 1-77, cut them out, and put them in a jar. We will select one at a time and hopefully make at least one sandwich a week.

I don’t really intend for this project to turn this site into a recipe blog. We’ll briefly document how we made that week’s sandwich and individually describe how we thought it turned out.

You can follow our sandwich adventures here. If you want to start where we did, we began with Sandwich #7, and there is a link to the next sandwich at the bottom of the page. If you just want to check out an individual sandwich, just click on it.