You Is Smart

It might surprise you, but I don’t spend all day refreshing my book’s Amazon page to read all of the new reviews being posted there. Sure, that’s probably because for the longest time, it didn’t have any reviews, but I’m not that self-involved.

But I did stop by the page the other day, and noticed that someone had actually left a review. See it here in all its glory:

Seeing as you’re reading this blog post, I already know that you’re a smart person. You don’t need me defining words for you, but just in case…

That’s right. My book ain’t for no dummies.

(Honestly, I don’t know if that is true; I mean, one story contained within is about a dog that must sniff a certain butt before he can go to Heaven.)

Anyway, SR, I appreciate the review. And I do have some ideas for illustrating at least some of the stories.

But in the meantime, if you’ve read the book, why not head over to Amazon, and leave a review, letting everyone know how erudite you truly are.

Oh, I have also added a new Recollection. It is called The Christian Yost Detective Agency and it is about my summers growing up. Please go read it, but beware, it might not be for emetophobes. And you obviously know what that word means, because you is smart.


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