It’s Been Too Long, But This Post (Is About) Rocks

So it’s been awhile since my last blog post. Sorry about that. And it’s not like things as post-worthy as my continuing feud with Dionne Warwick haven’t been happening in my life. I just got away from posting regularly, and then got it in my head that the more time that passed since the last post, the bigger the new post would have to be to justify the wait…

So, I decided to return with not one, but TWO stories about rocks! Click HERE to read them. And if that wasn’t enough, in it, I am also very critical of a car commercial.

I’m back, baby!


3 thoughts on “It’s Been Too Long, But This Post (Is About) Rocks

  1. Good stories and good to hear from you. Both stories made me think of the kids in detention – difficult parents, not thinking through their actions…. I hope you and the family are well!!

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  2. Love it! I have heard you tell the story of falling out of the tree, but have a new perspective on your life in Arizona. I am sorry we didn’t know how severe the mental and verbal abuse from your dad was. I am sure we would have tried to intervene or at least talk to Steve

    Your writing is wryly superb. I enjoy it immensely.

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    1. Thank you. To be honest, I don’t think I really knew how bad it was then, either, because I didn’t really have something to compare it to. I’ve told people before that I remember having a “dead” feeling inside when I was a kid, especially at home. It wasn’t until my parents split up and I eventually lived with my mom that the feeling began to go away, and I figured out what I was feeling wasn’t normal.

      But please don’t feel bad for not knowing. I have taken these experiences with my father and used them to shape the kind of father and husband I want (and don’t want) to be. And while I’m still deficient in many respects, I think I’m at least doing a decent job raising my daughter not to be afraid of me. (I don’t know if we’re where I want us to be on the respect-front yet, but we’re working on it…)


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