What is Nose42?

Welcome to my website. The plan is to use the site to showcase all of my various projects: books, essays, screenplays, games, and I don’t even know what else yet.

And obviously if I was going to make a website about me and my creative work, I would name it after myself, right?

No. That would only make sense.

Instead, I went with the nickname I’ve had for myself for years. The “nose” comes from the fact that I have a pretty big nose. It’s okay, I’m fine with it. Although, there was a time I didn’t know how big it really was.

I promise the following story is 100% true. One day in fifth grade, I was riding to school on the school bus. I sat, facing forward, when in my periphery, I noticed something in my reflection in the window. It was my nose and it was huge. At first, I thought it had to be some sort of House of Mirrors optical illusion, but no, it was all me. And I was genuinely surprised because up until that point, I had only really looked at myself straight-on in the bathroom mirror. I had no idea what I was sporting until I really examined myself in profile.

After getting over the initial shock, I decided to start making fun of it before anyone else could. And now I’ve spent money to name my personal website after it.

And despite what many people have thought in the past, the “42” does not have anything to do with the “Answer to the Ultimate Question of Life, the Universe, and Everything”

Starting in junior high, 42 was my jersey number in basketball. I chose that number because it was the jersey number of my favorite NBA player at the time, Theo Ratliff. He played college ball at the University of Wyoming (like I wanted to) and he was known for his shot-blocking prowess (the strongest part of my game.)

I didn’t learn about The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy until years later.

So, yeah. Nose42 was just my most prominent facial feature and my old basketball jersey number.

And now, it’s my website.

Even after I decided to go with Nose42.com, WordPress gave me one more chance to rethink things. Below are some of the alternative available domain names they suggested for me:

I love some of these. While my nose is complex and careful, but still kind of devastating, I almost went with facelump.com. I have no idea what kind of web traffic I would get (and ultimately disappoint) at that site, but it was almost worth the risk to find out.

So what did we learn here today? I knew about Theo Ratliff long before I knew about Douglas Adams, and those wanting to make their own nose fetish website still have plenty of domain name options available to them.

Again, welcome to my website and enjoy my Collection of Nose.


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